What is AirFuel?


AirFuel is a different kind of standards organization. We’re use case-driven, which means we listen to the marketplace and support the technologies and innovations that deliver the best customer experiences.

Today, those technologies include Resonant and RF. When it comes to wireless charging, one size does not fit all – at AirFuel we believe in harnessing a variety of best-in-class solutions to meet the growing and evolving needs of customers around the world.

AirFuel Resonant

Resonant charging delivers several benefits including greater spatial freedom and the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time – across a wide surface area and at a height of up to 50 mm. Resonant also lets you charge through materials ranging from wood to stone to concrete, making it easy to install (e.g., charging pads can be placed under a table vs. being drilling onto it). Lastly, it provides greater efficiency at higher power, which makes Resonant a great fit for tablets, laptops, wearables, and smartphones as well as automobiles.

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AirFuel RF

RF is the newest charging technology and provides low power at distances ranging from a few centimeters to a meter, delivering true spatial freedom. This means it works well with wearables, medical devices or other devices that need to charge and keep working.

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Infrastructure plays a critical role in driving wireless power adoption. Consumers want wireless charging throughout their connected lives – not just at home, but at work, while travelling and on the go. AirFuel’s wireless power network specification helps our members deliver power that’s reliable, secure and interoperable in public and private locations worldwide.

Our specification also offers diagnostics and device servicing support. This helps our members to ensure the health of their network and to provide reliable service for consumers wherever they charge — from hotels and restaurants to airports, trains and office buildings.

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