Uncoupled power transfer technology is a family of wire-free technology that provides power to battery powered devices at a distance, ranging from a few centimeters to a few meters. Uncoupled power transfer technology provides power along with complete spatial freedom allowing end consumer to experience a true untethered experience.

There are multiple technologies enabling wire-free power transfer experience namely:

  • Near-Field RF and Far-Field RF, which are based on the principals of RF power transfer and reception using antennas
  • Ultrasonic transduction, which delivers power at a distance using ultrasonic sound waves
  • Laser power beaming, which delivers power at a distance using laser light  

These technologies provide increased range with complete spatial freedom enabling a seamless power transfer experience for the end user.

Within AirFuel Alliance, various applications of this technology are addressed within the Uncoupled Working Committee.

Technology Features:

    • Frequency Band:
      – 5.75-5.85GHz as primary band
      – Additional bands in the range of Sub GHz to 6GHz are under consideration
    • Rx Power Levels:
      – Multi power class support up to 5W for initial spec in 2016
      – Increase to 15W on next release (2017)
    • Operating Range:
      – Charging zone with radius ranging up to 15 feet

    • Use Cases:
      – Charging of multiple devices through a defined charging zone using a single UTx
      – Optional coordinated UTx mode to create an extended charging zone