AirFuel Media Statement Regarding Apple Rumors on Wireless Charging

We’re encouraged by the news that Apple is looking at wireless charging for their upcoming devices.  Our recent AirFuel Alliance Wireless Power Consumer Survey Report showed that consumers not only want wireless charging, they want it to be second-nature, available when and where they need it.  In addition, results from our research and industry analyst firms like IHS show that spatial freedom is of top importance (i.e., they want to be able to charge at-a-distance).

This is one of the many reasons AirFuel Alliance continues to support all wireless charging technologies, from inductive to resonant to RF.  To deliver the best consumer experiences possible, we believe the industry needs to leverage the benefits of each technology -- as each produces its own clear advantages, including levels of spatial freedom. That said, whichever wireless charging technologies Apple ultimately considers incorporating into its next-gen phones, this is great news for consumers and for the industry as a whole.  We welcome Apple to the wireless charging table.