On June 1, 2015, Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) boards of directors voted to approve the merger of the two organizations. The new organization retained key leaders and contributors including president, board chair, and committee chairs. The merger between A4WP and PMA and subsequent formation of AirFuel Alliance shows the industry coalescing around a primary standards body adopted by the world leaders in computing and telecom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is AirFuel?

A: An innovative standard for enabling convenient wireless charging, AirFuel establishes a seamless interoperable global ecosystem, where wireless power is available in locations like homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels, as well as in vehicles and on public transportation.

Born from the merger of two leading wireless charging organizations - the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) - AirFuel comprises of two of today's most innovative and mature charging technologies-inductive and resonant-and will also make it possible to charge a variety of devices in one place, even those with differing power requirements.

Q: What is the motivation for the merger between A4WP and PMA to form AirFuel Alliance?

A: AirFuel Alliance is the leading industry organization in wireless charging with a focus on bringing a diverse base of interoperable products to the global market for both inductive and resonant solutions. Resulting from the merger of two leading associations, the new organization's mission is to unify the industry and accelerate the advancement and commercialization of consumer-friendly wireless charging.

Q: What does the merger mean for consumers?

A: AirFuel Alliance is focused on delivering the best wireless charging experience to consumers for mobile devices from wearables and mobile phones, to tablets and notebook computers, based upon the most mature and innovative technology standard. AirFuel Alliance is the only standards body that has solutions to support the full range of devices.

The wireless charging industry is taking a major step forward to fulfill the vision that wherever a consumer goes, whether in public or at home, their device will be interoperable and charge up conveniently without wires.

This vision has the backing of global market leaders who have the track record and capabilities to sustain investment and the commitment necessary to achieve that vision.

Q: What does the merger mean for suppliers and OEMs?

A: AirFuel Alliance guides the industry to cohesion through:

  • Reduced market confusion guided by one unified industry organization.
  • Fewer standards organizations to support means reduced cost, complexity, and allocation of resources - faster time to volume economies of scale.
  • Stable, long-term commitment by market leaders to maintain and evolve technical specification development and certification administration.

Q: What does the merger mean for venues offering wireless charging?

A: Interoperability. Venues will gain the certainty they need to provide wireless charging in places that consumers need it the most and that all devices work. The unified organization brings a cohesive, optimized roadmap of wireless charging technology, so venues can be confident about their investment and ensure a positive consumer experience.

Q: What will be the strategic direction of AirFuel Alliance?

A: AirFuel Alliance represents the logical extension and unification of present activities:

  • Development of technical specifications
  • Operation of a world-class certification program
  • Engagement with global regulators
  • Optimizing a unified networking, business, and technical framework for the wireless power industry: broad marketing communications, staging of Plugfests, participation in major global trade shows/conferences

Q: What is the relevance of the merger between A4WP and PMA and how might it impact the industry in general?

A: AirFuel Alliance is the first clear signal the wireless power industry is serious about consolidating behind a single industry standards organization:

  • The merger is a logical direction to unify the wireless charging market, we have unilaterally received high praise for the decision from all sources.
  • It is our belief that one leading industry organization is necessary to drive momentum and deliver best products and services while facilitating widespread adoption of wireless charging by consumers.
  • With this merger we are also consolidating the world's leading technology companies behind a unified standard ensuring that AirFuel becomes the de facto industry organization driving wireless charging adoption.

Q: How many members comprise AirFuel Alliance?

A: Current AirFuel Alliance members can be viewed here.

Q: How can a company join AirFuel Alliance?

A: If you are interested in joining AirFuel Alliance or would like to learn more about our membership levels, please contact:

Katherine Pankratz
AirFuel Alliance Administration
3855 SW 153rd Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97003
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +1 503.619.0666
Fax: +1 503.644.6708

Q: What are member benefits?

A: Visit here to learn about membership benefits or contact AirFuel Alliance Administration