Powermat Technologies

Powermat Technologies' vision is of a world where people never worry about running out of power. We use the laws of physics to make electricity wireless, and the invisible hand of the markets to make wireless power ubiquitous. Our business strategy leverages our unique ability to design and develop complete ecosystems – hardware, software, services, partnerships and standards – to create a new platform for wireless power. This platform imbues power with a superior user experience, extensible intelligence, and innovative business models. Our partners use our platform to offer vertical solutions to consumers, transforming forever the way we all experience power. Our vision is ambitious, but we are not undertaking it alone. We have partnered with Duracell (and its parent, P&G) to create ‘Duracell Powermat’, a business dedicated to bringing our wireless charging technology to consumers worldwide; we partnered with General Motors to show how the same technology can be offered in vehicles; We work with AT&T and dozens of OEMs to embed wireless charging into handsets; and we joined with PowerKiss to ensure leading airports, coffee shops and other iconic venues can embed the same solution into furniture. In fact, we found that so many likeminded companies exist, that we helped create the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), an open alliance of companies keen to see this vision realized, and willing to do what it takes to make it so: PMA members are working to create a real-world ecosystem of wireless power based on the PMA standard. The alliance brought together Starbucks and AT&T, Samsung as well as DuPont. Because of the Power Matters Alliance, wireless power can be found in a growing number of devices, coffee shops, cars, burger joints and sports arenas. As Powermat charges forward, we’re continuing to develop new solutions and – together with a growing community of companies – driving to realize the vision of a truly wireless world.