In today’s world, communication and computing are wireless, yet we still find ourselves tethered to the cords and power supplies that keep our devices up and running. From juggling multiple connectors to forgetting our chargers, it’s no wonder we often end up plugged in instead of mobile, or on the go but out of touch.

With AirFuel, we’re cutting the cord. Supported by the AirFuel Alliance—a global, nonprofit consortium of industry leaders—AirFuel will offer a better user experience through the development of new wireless charging standards. And it will enable more of the world’s mobile devices to synch up with a growing network of AirFuel destinations, for wireless power that’s available where we need it most: at home and work, on our commutes, and in other public venues.

Comprised of two of the most advanced wireless power technologies—inductive and resonant charging—AirFuel is making charging drop-and-go simple. From simultaneously powering multiple devices, to allowing nearly any enabled surface to charge a device, AirFuel is rethinking the way we use power in the mobile age. And because AirFuel is intelligent, it opens the door to a future of “smart charging zones” that will enhance the user experience.

Today, AirFuel is extending wireless power across technologies and industries. Tomorrow, we’ll charge up with AirFuel, and remember the old days, when we had to plug in.

Formed with the merger of Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), AirFuel Alliance includes leading brands from a diverse set of industries. The Alliance and its member companies are working cooperatively on development and establishment of testing specifications and procedures and quality control standards in the fields of wireless and cable-free power and electronic-devices charging systems and technologies, and advancing wireless charging availability for consumer, industrial, medical and military applications.

Our growth and success is attributed to a unique approach of making wireless charging ubiquitous in the places that consumers need it most as well as the hard work and dedication of our members.

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