Build with AirFuel

Working with AirFuel helps you deliver a best-in-class wireless charging experience.  We’ve created the technical requirements, specifications, and certification guidelines and developer support that are needed to help you create products that are safe, interoperable, and reliable.  So when you build with AirFuel, you can build with confidence.

  • AirFuel Certification

    AirFuel certification stands for interoperability and reliability – giving you and your customers confidence. Get your products tested and certified to be part of the growing AirFuel ecosystem. Here’s how …

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  • Certified Products

    You can find AirFuel-Certified technology just about anywhere in the world – in mobile phones and laptops and at airports, restaurants, offices and hotels. Take a look at some of our members newest certified offerings …

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  • Developer Program

    Learn how to incorporate AirFuel wireless charging technology into your next product or infrastructure solution. We have the information, tools, and hands-on training to make development a success.

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