AirFuel Inductive

How It Works

Inductive is the first generation of wireless charging technology and can be found in many mobile phones shipping today, as well as accessories, charging pads and automobiles. It provides an efficient and safe method to transfer a magnetic field between a receiver and transmitter in close proximity/ with limited spatial freedom (e.g., where the user can place the device directly on top of the transmitter).

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Key Benefits

Inductive charging uses closely coupled coils to deliver efficient and safe transfer of a magnetic field over a short distance (up to 20mm). It provides a low cost method for wireless charging in devices that works well in close proximity to their charger (i.e., can be placed directly on top of the charging source) such as smartphones, charging pads and accessories.


AirFuel inductive technology has been deployed in millions of devices and locations, including public venues and households. An established ecosystem of components and design providers is available to support a variety of products.

Transfer Efficiency

Efficiencies higher than 80% are achievable.

Scalable Charging

Able to charge different devices with different power requirements, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Public Infrastructure Optimized

AirFuel Inductive is widely deployed at various locations around the world, including select Starbucks, McDonald’s, and more. It enables support for transmitters below surface installations as well as identification and authentication of receivers required for assurance of device integrity.


Inductive in the Real World

The AirFuel Inductive specification closely matches real-world charging situations while minimizing the hurdles to creating compliant products.

AirFuel Inductive Specs

utilize any topology. The AirFuel Inductive specification reserves only the interfaces and model of transmitter resonant circuitry to be used in the system.AirFuel Inductive is comprised of a specification for the wireless power transmitter, receiver, and host (the mobile device that includes the wireless receiver).

    Products intended for AirFuel Inductive integration address several factors:

    • Power dissipation and layout
    • Integration of receiver and transmitter to device
    • Designers may specify and source their own discrete components to implement the requirements of the standard, or source one of the many available certified designs and components that support the AirFuel magnetic inductance specification.

    As long as the components conform to the specification, they can

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